Throwback Thursday–on Friday

My friend Rachel posted on her blog┬áabout her kindergarten teacher and it got me thinking about school. (Yes, I can remember that far back ­čÖé ).┬áHer post prompted┬áme to look through my old writing files, including much of my poetry I wrote back then. It made me sad to see how much of it was written about lost love and heartache. I was only in junior high and high school for goodness sake! It’s a reminder that back then I was such a lost soul desperately searching for love and acceptance–which eventually I found in alcohol. So happy and grateful that part has changed! What hasn’t changed is my love of writing and expressing life through words.

This particular poem, however, made me laugh. Being a rebel hasn’t really changed so much, and I’m okay with that. ┬á­čÖé

PoemCarpe Diem