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  1. Hi Mrs Bluckhurst. I’m from Togo and know you through the letters your sent to your godchildren. I’m French and English teacher and I’m in charge of translating all the letters to children of CDE KEKELI through Compassion. I’m interested in your actions like sponsoring poor children, and writing.I like writing too and I would like to thank you for all you are doing for children round the whole word.


    • Hi Bess: Thank you for contacting me. It’s so wonderful to hear from you! I hold my sponsor children near to my heart and pray for them daily. They have, and continue to, show me the meaning of love and giving, and of being grateful. I would love to talk with you more either via email or by letters. 🙂 I enjoy both. Would you be interested in keeping in touch?


      • Hi Rhonda,hope you are doing well by His Grace!so many many time! i am very sorry for not being able to reply.just forgive me.let’s keep in touch and come to know better about each other.blessings


  2. Rhonda, you are truly an amazing person just as everyone one in your family is. I’m so grateful to know you and your books are absolutely amazing. I have read them all and could barely put them down to go to sleep. I’m anxiously awaiting your next books. Much love to you Rhonda ❤

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