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Indie vs Self-Publishing–What is the Difference?

Many people don’t consider there to be a difference between the two. I, however, disagree. Indie publishing is far from a one-person (“self”) job. Publishing a book–a good book–takes a team of people who work well together. Simply stated, rather than your book project being in-house at a publishing house, it’s simply at your house.

I am an indie author with ten published books. For each, I have hired a cover designer, an editor, a formatter, and gathered a team of beta readers and other writers for support. It’s an entire team. While the writing process is often a solitary endeavor, the process to publication is not.

If you’re interested in publishing your book as an indie author and need some guidance, direction, support–whatever that looks like for you to help you be a success–I would love to help you. There is no such thing as failure. Unless you quit. Contact me at for a free 15-minute consultation.