Certified Life Coach

Daily life can take you on a wild rollercoaster of twists and turns and throw you unexpected curveballs. Sometimes trauma hits home, washing away the very foundation on which you’ve built your life. I can help you navigate the waters of uncertainty.

Through my program, Rise from Victim to Victor, I will show you how to overcome a mindset of defeat or “just making it through” to one of victory. Whether you’re a victim of a health diagnosis, a criminal act, a traffic accident, or any other life event, I can help you reclaim your power; to take back control of your life instead of life circumstances controlling you. I can help you clear any emotional blocks that are keeping you stuck so you can be the best version of yourself you’ve ever been. Let the things that happen to you work for you, making you stronger, rising from victim to victor.

I have 20+ years working in the law enforcement arena from working with victims as a first responder to helping them through the court process. I have volunteered with hospice and as a CASA (Court appointed special advocate for children).

Prepare for the ride of your life as you move toward the life you’ve always dreamed of, a life of peace, power, and victory instead of “I wish I could…” Contact me at rhondablackhurst@gmail.com for a free 30-minute consultation. I’m available to meet either in person or via Zoom.

I look forward to meeting you.