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“Being” for God

Painted Room #7: Serve god devoutlye
Painted Room #7: Serve god devoutlye (Photo credit: tortipede)

I once heard someone say that they had become a human-doing rather than a human being. That became a statement that I pondered and tossed around in my mind for a long time. Until it occurred to me why I couldn’t let it go. It has always been a personal struggle that had finally been identified.

We were designed to be human-beings. To be near God; to be God’s servant; to be a light unto others; to be grateful for all we have and for that which God continues to give us and bless us with; to be a blessing to others; to be the change we want to see in the world.

Doing comes through God. If our focus is on doing, we become a human-doing, which is typically self-motivated. We do to make ourselves feel better. We do to feel successful. We do to be recognized and appreciated. We do to simply be doing something.

However…if we do through being open to God’s will, our doing is for God’s purpose rather than our own. And that is the ultimate reason to do anything at all.

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