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Simple Pleasures

Simplicity Nature

Whether at work or play, I’ve frequently been told I “walk with a mission.”  While “mission” work is admirable, that’s not the intending meaning behind this statement in my case.

Always having been one to strive to get things done efficiently and effectively, it has become my goal this past year to intentionally slow down to notice and enjoy the small things along the journey.  Not insignificant by any means, but small enough to miss if not looked for.  Like the clearing on this mountainside that looks like a cross.  Blessed.


By slowing down not as many things may get accomplished, but what does will be better and far more enjoyable.  And that, I have learned, is more important.

We often derive our self-worth by how much we’ve accomplished, and that only leads to a sense of false self-importance when we’re busy, or a lack of self-worth when we aren’t.

People are rarely remembered for what they have done, but for how they have lived their lives.  I want to make mine memorable.  I want to make a difference to those around me, to act in love, patience, kindness, and gentleness.  Those qualities don’t appear when I am rushed, but when rather fully enjoying living.

downsize (5)

Rather than planning a response to something  someone is saying, tune in to really listen to what is being said.  I believe the fact that we have two ears and only one mouth was an intentional act by God.  I believe He had a purpose for creating us that way.

Rather than waste precious moments worrying about what needs to be done, be fully present in the moment, even if you’re simply washing dishes.  Envision all your tension melt away in the warmth of the water.  Make it a therapeutic activity.  When doing chores that  are less than fun, choose music that you only listen to during that time and enjoy being right where you are.  In the present moment.


Sit on the porch and sit in a rocking chair or porch swing, focusing only on the rocking movement, a slow back and forth.

English: Porch swing at sunset along the Saint...

When you’re out of your mind crazy busy and frazzled, take a few moments to do nothing but look at photos of beautiful scenery.  Or anything else that brings you joy, whether its flowers, leafing through a magazine, or even shoes on the Internet.  But only do that one thing.

Look at something you’ve never noticed before or taken the time to pay attention to–a pinecone, an acorn, a single flower.  Marvel at all the intricacies and unique qualities.


When someone calls needing to talk, rather than find an excuse for fear that you won’t have enough time to get your to-do list done, invite them over and make it a special moment for both of you.  Set out a plate of cookies, light a candle and put the coffee or tea on.   We feel less stressed and energized if we’re of service to another.

What are some of the simple pleasures you’ve discovered while living this beautiful adventure called life?  I would love to hear.

All is Grace.

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