The willow



Lonely willow tree. Standing tall against a backdrop of stormy skies.

Resilient and compliant, it bends with the wind.
While chartreuse limbs cry out against the dark skies that are creeping in.
Day and night, a hollow song can be heard as the winds whip through its branches.
Singing it’s lonely and sad aria to whomever may be near.
Yet the willow stands strong beneath the darkened skies.
Knowing that it can not be beaten by any wind.
Willow’s roots run deep below the surface of the trampled ground.
Drinking the cool refreshing water of life from the shoreline that it calls home.
Digging it’s roots in deeper and deeper still with each passing day.
Drawing strength from the well-spring of never-ending love.
From the One, the Creator, who rules in Heaven above.
The willow tree stands silent but strong.
Ready to face the storms of life head on.
Rooted in…

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