Dear Writer … it’s not all about you, ya know! – a reminder

Saw this re-blogged on (please check out Marie’s amazing blog) and thought this deserves mention on yet another. Wonderful article on being kind and considerate to other authors, supporting one another in this amazing journey. Have a beautiful weekend! 🙂

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I was going to write a blog post about social media and how I’ve been paring down my use of it, because I’m finding it to be not all that social or the best media for me at the moment. After discussing with a fellow author how disappointing Twitter is (and she cleverly described T. as “like a 4-lane highway at rush hour with cars bumper-to-bumper. It makes me nervous”), I realized what bothers me isn’t not being able to navigate and use Twitter properly, but more the barrage of Tweeps who constantly tweet: Look at me! Aren’t I clever! Buy my book!

Now I’m not saying that I don’t do some self-promotion on there, but I do try to balance that with tweets of value to others, including promoting fellow authors. And I also offer, up front in my profile, what I am prepared do for other Tweeps. Most…

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4 thoughts on “Dear Writer … it’s not all about you, ya know! – a reminder

  1. Just read original…

    Couldn’t comment as there’s no place (closed now – Maybe??). Had to agree w/ much of what was said… Run into that me-me problem bit, not just w/ books but other areas as well (incl. so-called “Social Media” gurus.

    And the “self-publisher” spammers… Sad to have people like that that give bad name (not that I currently have anything to self publish – but working towards goal). I sure as heck don’t have funds for publishing house, etc….
    So “self” is only option…. I should quit as I’m really making this comment too long.


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