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Book 6 in the Melanie Hogan mysteries!

Melanie Hogan discovers the evils that lurk beneath one’s thirst for power and money. Will her murder be one of them?

Just when salon owner Melanie Hogan thinks her world is back on solid ground, she finds a dead body on her doorstep, and the entire foundation on which she’s built her life begins to crumble. Everything she’s ever known to be true disintegrates as fast as over-processed hair in bleach. With Melanie’s boyfriend, homicide detective Levi Wescott, ousted from the investigation because of Melanie—again—her best friends, Claire Davis and Jack Dancy, once more find themselves as the Watson to Melanie’s Holmes.

As Melanie’s life unravels and she discovers truths that bring her worst nightmare to life, she finds that sometimes the most beautiful light shines through the cracks of something broken. But can Melanie sort things out and solve the murder before the murderer breaks her?