A Little of This, A Little of That

My novel, Shear Madness, Book One in The Melanie Hogan Mystery Series, gets shipped off for a final edit this week. The planned release is in July. ūüôā The rest of this month I’m going to focus on the revision of Book Two, Shear Deception. And then July 1st it’s off to Camp again for¬†Camp NaNo, where I plan to¬†“pen” the first draft of a YA mystery series I have tumbling around in my brain.

My morning run was spent absorbing not only the wisdom by Sol Stein in his audio book Stein on Writing (The chapter on dialogue is among the best I’ve ever read/heard) but also absorbing the brilliant warm sunshine and nature’s beauty. Thought I would share a couple of snapshots with you.

In our not-yet-acknowledged secret garden lie the seeds of some of our best not-yet-written stories.‚Ä̬†-Sol Stein

Have a beautiful week, my friends. Seize each moment of every day, and make every one count!

Carpe diem



Back from the Land of NaNo


I’m back from the land of NaNoWriMo 2014. And what a trip is was! I’m already looking forward to Camp NaNo in July. There’s something about knowing your part of a tribe of writers from all over the world that are all together in¬†this journey of reaching the destination of 50,000 words in¬†a month¬†that creates drive, motivation, and determination. And FUN! ūüôā

I wrote the first draft of the first book in my Melanie Hogan cozy mystery series, Shear Madness, during Camp NaNo this past July, and during NaNo in November I penned (typed) the first draft of the second book in the series, Shear Deception. What fun to create characters and settings that will continue on, as well as plots bubbling up that can carry over into future books. My muse was very busy!

God willing, I will finish the edits on both and have them completed and out this year.

If any of you that are reading this participated in NaNoWriMo 2014 I would love to hear how it went. Did you reach your goal? What did you work on? Do you have any tips for those thinking of participating next year, or in Camp NaNo in April and July? What was your biggest take away from the experience?

Carpe Diem