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“B” is for…

Baby Steps.

Remember the excitement you felt when your child (or niece, nephew…you get the picture) took his/her first step? What a monumental stepping stone, if you will.

As we get older, baby steps lose their appeal and we want things bigger, faster, easier.

With so many get-rich-quick schemes thrown out to the world like bread crumbs to pigeons, or in my case, so many books I want to write, so many lifetimes to live in the one lifetime I have been given, it sometimes takes more restraint than what I have to refrain from jumping into the puddle with both feet without giving a thought to how deep it might be.

It’s after those impulsive jumps I wish I would have waited just a moment, taken a breath, a moment to think, and proceed one step at a time, rather than drown in the middle of chaos that comes from taking in the whole shebang without experiencing any of it.

This quote by Grace Marshall says it all.

And may I remember this today.


Peace to you.

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