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I was so grateful to stumble upon the website Insecure Writers Support Group.  Realizing I wasn’t the only insecure writer on earth was such a relief. Somehow, knowing I’m not alone in the sea of insecurity helps rid me of the albatross that at times makes me feel like a fraud, certain that everyone else is better at writing, at creating, at word combinations…

Why is it so natural to compare oneself to another? To allow ones self-worth to be defined by what someone else accomplishes?

I have learned through the years, however, that when I’m feeling that obnoxious, uncomfortable stirring in the pit of my belly, I’m usually taking my writing and myself too seriously.  Writing is something I love to do more than almost anything else, but when I’m wound up in knots over whether I’m “good enough,” it sucks the enjoyment right out of it.  Besides, I’ve begun to ask myself, “Good enough for what? For whom?”

How good my writing is–or isn’t–is not what defines who I am, and that’s a burden lifted.  I am a mother, wife, grandmother, child of God, and yes, I am a writer (I love those words! 🙂 ).  Those roles combined make up who I am.  And with that I’m more than okay.  In fact I’m happy, content, at peace.

If you haven’t visited the Insecure Writers Support Group website, I would highly encourage you to do so. It contains a wealth of information and resources.  And who among us couldn’t grow from that?

In the comments, please share your favorite writing website.

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