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“X” is for…

X-tra ready for the challenge to be over…Okay, so that may be cheating a bit. But the truth is there all the same. 🙂

This challenge has been an amazing journey.  It’s taught me that even when I am sure I have nothing to say or my mind feels blocked from thinking of something interesting to write about, I can overcome that self-doubt and conquer the blockage.

It has shown me what an amazing group of people the blogging community is comprised of.  The support, the camaraderie, the pooling together of minds.

The diverse subject matter has given me knowledge I did not have prior to the challenge.  And knowledge is truly power.  However, I’ve learned more than just subject matter content from all my blogging peeps. (That means friends where I come from. 🙂 )

It has shown me the importance of making writing an everyday occurrence and not simply when I feel like it.  Writing every day is what produces results.

It has also shown the importance of endurance–to see it through to the end, even when it got difficult or time was hard to find. We make time for what is important to us.

Finish Strong Quote

But that being said, I’m ready to finish–and not just finish, but finish strong–and carry on with the revisions on my novel, The Inheritance, and to start the revisions of my “novel-in-waiting,” The Last Resort, which has been patiently waiting since I completed the first draft this past November. Writing novels is where my heart is.

What will you be working on after the A to Z Blog Challenge?


21 thoughts on ““X” is for…”

  1. Back to major research on the family history. Clean up my cousin’s family tree. Maybe start the writing on my great grandmother’s story. I have gathered facts about her for two years and it’s time to do something with it. Get the boy to baseball practices and games, find a travel team for the summer. Paint the kitchen. Looking at the short list, maybe I’m sorry the challenge is over. No more excuses why I can’t do all of the above.


  2. I knew X would be hard, but you really rocked it! I’ve been following several people who have done this A-Z challenge, and it really made me regret signing on to do poetry this month instead! I rather like the idea of being “assigned” a “topic” for the month and running with it. It seemed like it would help on those days when you have no idea what you want to blog but you know you need to write SOMETHING. Great post! 😀


  3. Your posts have been Xcellent! I am working on a magazine article to pitch, just sent off two poetry submissions, putting together poetry chap book, fly fishing essay book, Mother’s Day special with Kerrie Flanagan for our current books, and I’m sure something else…oh yeah, new, better stuff for my own blog!


    1. Dean, where do you find the time to accomplish all that? I have to admit I’m a bit envious. (Fly fishing, huh? I grew up on a lake and did a lot of fishing-summer as well as ice fishing-but never tried fly fishing. Thought it looked like an art though when I saw it in A River Runs Through It.)


  4. I pre-planned and scheduled my posts, so March was busier for me. I’m working on 2 fiction drafts both at various stages. One is ready for the world (I think!) and the other I have much to do. Working with my critique group, doing research. Good luck on your own writing! Glad I stumbled by for the A to Z Challenge. http://www.stephaniescott.net


  5. Hi Rhonda, I will become re-acquainted with my pillow. I am eXhausted! I’ve also signed up for the Clean Sweep ARC Challenge, where I knuckle down and tackle the books I’ve received in exchange for reviews. There are 11 due for May. I do want to keep up regular blog posting besides the reviews, because last year after the A to Z, I don’t think I blogged for a couple of weeks!


    1. Luann, it sounds like you will still be busy. I’m looking forward to reading my new Frank Peretti book. I haven’t read any of his but heard he’s an amazing author.


  6. I can’t help, but be glad that the challenge is about over (it was consuming my life – LOL) but at the same time, I learned so much. Unfortunately I’ve got nothing for the last 3 letters that fit into my theme for this year.


  7. I have enjoyed every one of your A-Z posts. They were so well thought out, and you used words so elegantly.
    You inspired me to want to do it, but I didn’t want to start in the middle, and time seems to be elusive to me.
    Looking forward to your next thing.

    Glad to see you are back! Your blog went dark for a bit.


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