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April (Word) Showers

I’ve temporarily changed the old saying, April Showers bring May flowers,  to April Showers Bring Lots of Writing Hours.


Last April I participated in the A to Z Blogging Challenge,  and this year I’ve decided to head to Camp for the month of April. Camp NaNoWriMo. I will still be reading the blog posts of those participating in the challenge, however, and I encourage others to as well. There are such amazing themes by such creative minds, and it’s fun to be part of that community in any way I can. After all, supporting each other is what the blogging community is all about.

The past couple of weeks I’ve allowed myself to become somewhat lazy–okay, very lazy–in the writing department. I finished the 2nd edit of my mystery, Shear Madness, and along with it came the whole self-doubt crash. While it’s something every writer experiences, it’s hard to remember that while in the thick of it. So I’ve decided to let my manuscript cool a couple of weeks before beginning the next edit.

I’ve been wanting to write some short stories for a long time now, something I haven’t written for many, many years (we won’t say exactly how many 🙂 ) I’ve jotted ideas, plots, etc, but have continually put off the actual writing part. Until now.

For April’s Camp NaNo I’m going to let my hair down–or pull it up in a pony tail–and let loose the words to short stories I’ve been thinking about. I’m going to actually write them on paper–or computer–and have fun doing it. I’ve got my notebook, colored gel pens, computer, Camp NaNo coffee mug, my lantern, and the ingredients for s’mores set and ready to go. Heck, maybe I’ll even pull out a sleeping bag. 🙂

NaNo Coffee MugS'mores

It’s not too late if anyone wants to join in the camping experience. It’s among the most fun campgrounds I’ve ever camped. And rather than getting wet by rain showers, we get productive with word showers. That being said, it’s not necessary to commit to 50,000 words as is the case in November’s NaNoWriMo, but rather you set your own word count. While mine’s not set at 50,000 due to April being a busy month, I still set it high enough to challenge and stretch myself as a writer.

So–if anyone wants to join and has questions, head on over to the Camp NaNo website, or simply ask me in the comments section. I would love to help anyone get going on setting up a project. The more the merrier in this camping experience. And it’s one you’ll find yourself looking forward to every year. It’s too late to plan it at this point you say? No worries–and no excuses–there’s another Camp NaNo in July. 🙂

See you at Camp!


Carpe Diem


15 thoughts on “April (Word) Showers”

  1. You are still doing camp NaNo in July, right. Seriously thinking of joining again this year in July… Though I have absolutely no idea what to write.

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    1. Hi Miranda and thanks for visiting! 🙂 Camp NaNo is a virtual camp but my imagination makes it very real–that and my lantern, camping food, coffee in my NaNo camping mug, etc. We’ll be doing it again in July if you want to join in on our virtual cabin. 🙂

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  2. Miranda, you should… I “went” last year (in cabin with Rhonda) and it was loads of fun – challenging at times, but fun 🙂 I believe lowest goal is like 10,000 words – very doable (I even managed that & more)

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  3. I wanted to do this, too, but it crept up on me and I’ve been too busy to even think about writing right now. That said, please allow me to live vicariously through you by coming back periodically to tell us how you’re doing. 😉 Good luck! 😀

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  4. Thank you! I wasn’t going to do it because I have so much going on but changed my mind at the last minute. I just can’t help it. I like Camp NaNo even better than NaNo in November. 🙂 There’s another in July if you can squeeze it in. 🙂


  5. What a fun experience with these gals!
    Rhonda, I can’t wait to read your new novel. I enjoyed your last one so much.
    I like your idea of writing a series of short stories. That is sort of what I am doing for
    this NaNo…but I’m making a theme and trying to tease out things that will assist me with my dad’s book. Short stories and poems to see how I feel about things. I appreciate the invite. Sooo excited!
    Thank you.

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