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Prioritizing Priorities

I've come to realize--again--that I'm not super-human and have conceded to the fact that I need to prioritize my life a bit. I'm confidant I'm not alone in that I tend to keep taking on more and more, often without realizing it, until life becomes a little bit of everything done somewhat well and nothing done well. There's… Continue reading Prioritizing Priorities

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Why Do You Write?

Sandi Ault, author of the bestselling, award-winning WILD Mystery Series, was one of the presenters at the Northern Colorado Writer's Conference I attended this past March, and one of her sessions was called Writing for Love, Prestige, or Profit. To say the class was filled beyond capacity is an understatement. We were very cozy with those sitting around us!… Continue reading Why Do You Write?

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“J” is for…

The Journey Remember when you were a kid and road trips seemed to last forever?  I used to sound like a broken record as I asked my parents "How much longer 'till we're therrrre?" Complete with all the drama I could muster. And as the years passed, I eagerly awaited each milestone. "I can't wait 'till… Continue reading “J” is for…

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Calm Before the Storm

Since I was at the NCW Writers Conference--which was amazing, by the way--and using every molecule of brain power trying to absorb everything I could, I didn't post my last usual Gratitude Friday and Weekend Quote posts.  But rest assured, tomorrow begins April and the A-Z Blogging Challenge, for 26 posts in 30 days.  God… Continue reading Calm Before the Storm

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A Writer’s Heaven

I've been waiting for this weekend since about this same time one year ago.  Why, you ask? If you didn't, I'll tell you anyway.  🙂  It's my second NCW writer's conference, and it's less than three days away. The first one gave me so much - ideas, motivation, inspiration, new writing friends, and time to re-evaluate the… Continue reading A Writer’s Heaven