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Food Detoxing

This week’s post is kind of off topic from what I usually post about, which is either the writing life or striving to live a life of love and grace. But it’s a topic that has made such an enormous difference in my life that I have to share. Feed Detoxing. From as far back… Continue reading Food Detoxing

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Pet Therapy

Man's best friend. While this may seem to be a bit off-topic from what I typically write about, it ties into well-rounded health, peace and happiness. If you own a pet--or if a pet owns you, as is the case in my house--it's easy to see why there are careers in pet therapy, facilitating healing… Continue reading Pet Therapy

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Thankful Thursday – Every Breath of Life

Every sweet breath that fills my lungs from the moment I wake up in the morning until I wake up the next. I'm grateful for every breath that isn't my last. And for the power the act of breathing holds, the benefits, the gifts, the blessings. Meditation has taught me to be conscious of each… Continue reading Thankful Thursday – Every Breath of Life