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TGIF – Gratitude Friday

Top three things I'm especially grateful for this past week: 1.)    God speaking to me through a devotional of the danger of falling into the pit of self-pity at the exact moment I needed to hear those exact words. 2.)    Taking my precious granddaughter, Zoey, to church, and sharing such an amazing time with such an amazing little… Continue reading TGIF – Gratitude Friday

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Thankful Thursday — Autumn & New Beginnings

Autumn--even the word is beautiful, not to mention pleasing to all five senses. It conjures up images of evening lamplight, candle flames flickering and dancing on walls of rooms darkening a wee bit earlier each evening, the scentsĀ of food cooking in the crockpot, fresh stewed tomatoes canning, and the smells of cinnamon and nutmeg. Autumn… Continue reading Thankful Thursday — Autumn & New Beginnings