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Holiday Spirit

Last weekend I participated in the Harvest Craft Fair in my hometown. I look forward to it months in advance and am usually a bit bummed when it's over. Anticipation hangover. The craft fair signals the start of the holiday season with lights, music, and community. My favorite parts of the holidays. Each year I… Continue reading Holiday Spirit

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Same Blog, New Look

          I decided my blog needed a facelift. Something lighter, brighter, and airier--is that even a word?¬† ūüôā I'm back to blogging after the intensity of NaNoWriMo and the week of basking in the afterglow.¬† I'm working with an editor on my novel, The Inheritance, I'm looking forward to the first… Continue reading Same Blog, New Look

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NaNoWriMo 2013

NaNoWriMo is over for this year, and I reached my goal of winning--two years in a row.¬† While I thought I would be¬†looking forward to taking a bit of time off from writing,¬†instead¬†it¬†made me¬†desire to¬†adhere to my writing schedule even more.¬†¬†Writing is¬†blissfully fulfilling to me.¬† It's what I do for fun, for peace, for growth.¬†… Continue reading NaNoWriMo 2013

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Writing My Memoir

So the idea of writing my memoir has been tumbling around in my mind for a long time now. Having a tendency to cram ten lifetimes into one, I've experienced so many things in my life, good as well as some not-so-good (aka: mistakes), that I would like to share in the hopes of helping… Continue reading Writing My Memoir

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Why I Write

Last week I received an email from the author of a blog I follow,¬† The Creative Penn, and the author asked her readers to think about why we write.¬† And that did, indeed, get me thinking... I write because when I do, I: *¬†¬†¬†¬† Feel freedom and the ability to express myself in a way… Continue reading Why I Write

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Thankful Thursday — Autumn & New Beginnings

Autumn--even the word is beautiful, not to mention pleasing to all five senses. It conjures up images of evening lamplight, candle flames flickering and dancing on walls of rooms darkening a wee bit earlier each evening, the scents¬†of food cooking in the crockpot, fresh stewed tomatoes canning, and the smells of cinnamon and nutmeg. Autumn… Continue reading Thankful Thursday — Autumn & New Beginnings


When I Just Don’t Feel Like Writing

Whether it's revising my novel, journaling, blogging, or writing letters to the children I sponsor through Compassion International, I try to do some sort of writing every day. But truth be told, some days I just simply don't feel like writing. And from reading what other writers have to say, I'm not alone in that… Continue reading When I Just Don’t Feel Like Writing

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Banishing Routine – Sometimes

I recently read a blog post by Katherine Valdez¬† called Cross-Training for Writers, and it got me to re-think my writing routine. While I thrive on routine in most areas of my life, writing is the one thing that sets me free from¬†routine that can suffocate¬†living. Creating stories is an escape from the real world… Continue reading Banishing Routine – Sometimes