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TGIF – Gratitude Friday

Top three things I’m especially grateful for this week: 1.)   A good report from the Hematologist after more than a week of needless worry. Amen! 2.)  Taking a nature walk after said news, my heart filled with renewed appreciation for my health, and noticing the little things that bring me joy, like two prairie dogs (yes, I know they're rodents,… Continue reading TGIF – Gratitude Friday

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Silence – Part II

In Part I, I announced My One Word, Silence, for 2014, and the benefits I have found through my conversion to one word rather than a list of resolutions.  Following is a list of how one word can help shape my character and draw me nearer to God if practiced diligently, keeping in mind it's about progress, not perfection. … Continue reading Silence – Part II

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Pet Therapy

Man's best friend. While this may seem to be a bit off-topic from what I typically write about, it ties into well-rounded health, peace and happiness. If you own a pet--or if a pet owns you, as is the case in my house--it's easy to see why there are careers in pet therapy, facilitating healing… Continue reading Pet Therapy

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Mental Health Days

"If someone hurts your feelings, it's unimportant unless you persist in remembering it." I'm taking the day off from work today as a mental health day. With difficult things coming at me from all directions lately, I've decided to disconnect from the world and re-connect with God. When my boys were in school, I used to… Continue reading Mental Health Days

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Thankful Thursday – Free From Pain

For anyone who has fibromyalgia, or knows someone who does, you know the toll it takes on a body, both physically and mentally.  The pain can be debilitating during the day and can keep you awake at night causing your body and mind to become fatigued from lack of sleep.  Even when you think you're… Continue reading Thankful Thursday – Free From Pain

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Thankful Thursday – Every Breath of Life

Every sweet breath that fills my lungs from the moment I wake up in the morning until I wake up the next. I'm grateful for every breath that isn't my last. And for the power the act of breathing holds, the benefits, the gifts, the blessings. Meditation has taught me to be conscious of each… Continue reading Thankful Thursday – Every Breath of Life

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It’s a Heart Thing

As I was driving home from work one evening this week I made a stop at the grocery store to pick up a few last-minute items I needed to prepare dinner.  I loaded my bags in the car, and took my place behind the steering wheel.I had no sooner started my car when a woman… Continue reading It’s a Heart Thing